Students from Asia and the Pacific
I am able to learn and have knowledge not only about Korea, but relevant information around the world. Lectures were very interesting, informative and organized. Speaker/lecturers were very professionals and highly knowledgeable on the topics and very active in the discussion. The things that I have learned from this Leadership Academy were valuable knowledge which anyone could not get or taught in classroom in any Universities.
It is extremely informative and have a strong power to change our perspectives based on fact and not partiality. It talks about sensitive issues in a non-offensive way because the fact comes from statistics and sciences. This is a very good and generous program.
I really benefit from the wealth of information I gained from this program. Many examples (concrete examples) from developed and developing countries have changed my perspective of how I will relate to my country now.
I like this program that it included different areas of development and that Professor (lecturer) has a big practical experience and he in every lecture gives us his own messages.
Students from Africa
The take home message and quotes given at the end of each lecture were my favorite. They have motivated me a lot. Simply amazing program. I’ve learned so much over the past few weeks and I have acquired information of which I would never have learnt from school. I’ve been motivated to believe in myself and stretch it till my life changes for the very best.
Topics are very on point and relevant. The lecture method of pedagogy is matching the expectation of most students.
I got lot of new information to share back in my country. I will incorporate all what I learned from that course in the field I am working in.
I like the nice and clear presentation and making friends with some other countries around the world.
I like the quality of lectures and selected courses taught which shaped my mind in understanding the world.
- I like the inspiration of change towards development. I learn from best practices that demonstrate how everything is possible despite how much hard it is.
Students from Latin America and the Caribbean
I like the professionalism of the lectures and how much the program care about to give valuable information related to Korean and the world. It was an excellent experience and knowledge for people from developing countries.
It was very good, very informative and fun. We can interact with lecturer and go beyond a typical presentation.
The program provides a rich background on South Korea’s economic history. It was very nice that the professor compared the experiences of other countries.
It’s really great to learn about Korea’s progress from amazing lecturers as well as several other issues that are linked together. It was really great to participate. I learned so much and it was very informative.
Student from European Country
For me this program was very informative. I became aware of a lot of important things. Moreover I met here some new friends.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity. I could enlarge my knowledge and improve myself. I could learn much more new things about Korea. I wish you good lucks ahead.
I got information about those we cannot get from other places
I like the diversity of lecture topics. The time of lectures is also considerably convenient.