Asian students
It’s very informative. I am taking a similar class in my school. But it’s very boring one, comparing this class. They made me consider these issues more carefully. Also I like that you always try to motivate us to be a better version of ourselves.
Interesting perspectives, motivation, and self-empowerment. Overall it has been a wonderful experience. Thank you for your hard work in organizing this lecture series.
The lecturer is truly passionate about what he delivers through his lectures. Lecture topics are interesting as well. Overall I enjoyed this program. If you allow more people to attend your program, it will be surely beneficial. Current cases and events will be good assertion to your program.
The professor taught us very well. The program is free and it’s in English. It is in the evening. These are the best points of the program. And the assistant Mr. Shim was very kind and always diligent too. The program was very useful for me. I wish to have every semester more programs like this one. The foreign students were taught for free and always hosted in the excellent way. This is Korean generosity and support that I highly appreciate and very, very thankful. Dear Program organizers, thank you very much.
I like the general information about Korea’s development and the special trip/ideas to become a good leader.
I like the variety of topics discussed in the class, very diverse.
The program lets me take time to do self-reflection.
African students
I like the diverse aspect of the program in the sense that each subject/topic is discussed on several continental aspects. I am also intrigued about the discussion session of the program, where each student gets to share his/her ideas. I am opportuned and pleased with this program because it exposed me to the world in general. It also brought the world to me via several important topics. These topics are not taught in schools, I am very pleased and glad to be part of the Spring Program.
I like qualified lecturer, relevant topics. It’s better than my degree content. Keep up the good work. It’s a fantastic opportunity.
I like the material contents.
Latin American students
The program was very informative and organized. I am very thankful for all the time and the lectures. I learned a lot.
It is very useful for getting an introduction on Korean development
Students from other regions
I like the atmosphere, place, lecturer, time length, impact, message and content. It was very meaningful for me and I really feel it empowered me in many aspects. I really felt that organizers of the program took very good care of us and spare no efforts to educate us, and, that’s more important, HAVE AN IMPACT on our mentality and knowledge. I will try my best to apply all that I have received from you, sot that your message can be carried out to the world.
I like diversity in topics discussed, open mindedness and diversity of students/participants and the food. It was very fun, interesting and informative! l will definitely recommend to my friends in the future