Asian students
All lectures were very informative. So it was very knowledgeable and useful. Materials were all provided.
I learned more about how to look to society and people from other country and what I should do to improve my country’s economic development
I really appreciate the program and would like to recommend to my colleagues. Highly informative lessons provided by highly professional professor
Detailed explanation, well preparation and well-organized, interesting
The program is well organized, informative and relaxing (no pressure) for students. I really appreciate the thorough consideration for the students.
I like the various themes of the lectures. It really deepens my understanding about Korea. This is a good program. Not a regret to participate in it.
I very liked this program. If there is an opportunity, I would love to continue to participate and improve my knowledge and experience. It was very helpful to me and personally very motivational. So I can think, dream big and do big things to improve not only my life but lives of other people of my society.
I am satisfied. Continue it for advanced course for us again.
African students
Highly appreciate the commitment, attitude and closing messages of the professor
Way of lecturing is interesting, flexible and highly informative. I like to take home those messages delivered from the professor at the end of lectures. Directly connected to our world’s nowadays issues. So updated.
Highly organized program. The timing is deliberately set to make students participated. The titles are so fascinating. Excellent. Professor, you are highly organized and committed person. I will return back and contribute my experience and lesson that I have got from this training to my country.
Latin American students
I like dynamics and messages of the program. It implies to see beyond Korea’s present image. It also covers about human relations between participants and I like the field trip.
It was a great experience for me to learn a lot of knowledge. I was able to meet with many different people -some with different opinions and some with similar opinions with mine. But it was wonderful to see that people even with different opinions respect each other and to discover that different countries have similar problems. The program lets me wonder about humanity.
All the information provided by the professor was really useful and easy to understand. The explanation was very good and complete. The field trip was also really good. It was a fun and good opportunity to know each other. Everyone was respecting one another and I had a good time. It was an amazing experience and hopefully the next generations will also enjoy the program.
European students
I like lecturer’s topics and contents. Variety of examples of social and global problems. These things gave me a lot of issues to think about. It was very interesting and efficient time here. I really enjoyed this and want to say “Thank you”.
I am very thankful for this opportunity. The program was very educative, interesting and professionally organized. At the next program, I would like to attend some classes I missed because of lab-meeting or exams. Thank you so much for everything . I hope someday I will be able to do similar program in my country.
It is very informative. We learned a lot about things that we could have unknown without participating to the class.