Students from Asia and Pacific
Program was well-structured and very insightful. I found so many new things that I did not know before. I like the program overall and I will encourage friends to be a part of course in the future.
The theory supported by facts and figures are very impressive. Presenter was really active and keeps deep knowledge and grip over topic of discussion. I can relate this information to the problems of my country. Also it gives me a hope to overcome these crisis as Korea did as example
The classes were very informative. It was an opportunity to not only learn of Korea’s progress but also economic and social issues of other countries. The professors were very eloquent and explained very well of the topics. Overall the course was well designed and executed.
This program was really informative that helped me in knowing more about Korea and the world. If I get another chance, I would like to attend it. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity to attend this program.
I like the general information about Korea’s development and the special trip/ideas to become a good leader.
I like the variety of topics discussed in the class, very diverse.
The program lets me take time to do self-reflection.
Students from Africa
The program helped me to learn more about Korean history and change my mindset to see things. Nothing is impossible. I can be the actor of the development of my country. It was wonderful ambient with great people.
To be brief, the program was like a mirror. Through this program I better understand the world I live in and most importantly I understand myself better.
I could interact with a lot of people from different countries. I wish the program to continue so that others can also gain the experience and knowledge not only about leadership, but also about Korean development history
The program provides insight into Korea’s economic development journey and one can draw applicable lessons to low income developing countries. It is very well executed and beneficial to the students from developing countries
Students from Latin America and Caribbean
It was very informative and well structured, so you could follow up the program. Also the lectures were well explained
I like the topics. Messages at the end of the lectures made me think about the real problem. I really appreciate everything that the academy did and the way they take care of us.
Students from Europe
I liked that there were so many people from different countries and we could talk and share our view and experiences.
Nicely organized presentations, easy to follow, nice people, great occasion to make friends