Asian students
Highly informative and organized well with its different topics. The lecturer is highly professional on most topics and discussions. We were very welcomed and kindly treated by organizers of this Academy
The program provided a very productive, theoretical as well as beneficial knowledge. I am grateful to get this opportunity.
I like three things: My raised knowledge on how countries have developed. Mutual relationship with foreign students. Site visit (Cultural trip)
I like the contents, free discussion and the Professor’s teaching. The organizers and professors are very respectful. Thank you all for giving us your time in order to teach us
I got new knowledge about Korea. So interesting it made me inspired because Korean people never give up. I love the class and professor who bring lectures was smart and good. I hope this kind of programs can be more developed and have many more classes
African students
It is very interesting as a program that highlights the Korean experience. The lectures were very informative with good presentation by the lecturers
The program is relaxed, interesting, insightful and informative and I could meet new friends. I appreciated the way the class was conducted
It discussed most of the issues I am familiar and also opened my mind to more global issues. Interesting lectures and the ending notes are inspirational. There is a diversity in the program and I learned a lot about other countries
There is nothing to be improved. Everything is well organized, informative and especially inspiring. There are many development issues which not many know about.
Latin American students
It is informative about problems that have continuously affected our societies. It is beginner friendly and anyone can understand the lectures. Thank you for the opportunity. I certainly learned and opened up my mind to things I didn’t know before. I appreciate you that you take your time to prepare this content for free and for foreigners. I am truly grateful and fortunate to have been part of this program. I hope to make you proud by making a change
I am from science major. I like reading about global issues but I don’t study it. I am glad this program provided me with the “other” side of an interdisciplinary education
European students
We could learn different political side of development. Thank you for great lectures.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity. I could enlarge my knowledge and improve myself. I could learn much more new things about Korea. I wish you good lucks ahead.
I got information about those we cannot get from other places
I like the diversity of lecture topics. The time of lectures is also considerably convenient.