The Program opens in the evening for the convenience of the students who attend the Universities in the daytime. It takes place twice a year – Spring Course and Autumn Course. Each course will be conducted in English without interpretation.
Each course is composed of two series: Regular Lecture Series(RLS) and Special Lecture Series (SLS)
Regular Lecture Series(RLS)
 -  RLS have a total of 10 lectures once a week. They will start with a lecture on the specific topic followed by discussion among the students and with a lecturer with altogether around 2 hours.
 -  The Course Director has a wide range of experiences in foreign services and teaching as well as knowledge on the ground in developing countries.
Special Lecture Series(SLS)
 -  SLS will be offered by renowned speakers on the issues of special interests for the students 2 or 3 times per each course
 -  The speakers, contents and dates of special lectures will be announced at the opening day of each course.