Greetings from Mr. Kihak Sung,
President of Sunnong Culture Forum


I wish to thank you for visiting the website of Leadership Academy of Sunnong Culture Forum.
The word of “Sunnong” is derived from “Sunnong-dan” which means an altar where the King used to pray for a good harvest and personally set an example by plowing the field to remind the people of importance of farming.

It was regarded as one of the most important traditional ceremonies of the Royal family.

Inheriting the cultural spirit of Sunnong ceremony, Sunnong Culture Forum was established in 2010 by the alumni of Seoul National University High School as a non-profit organization to promote diverse culture and art programs with strong support and contribution of various intellectuals of the Korean cultural society.

Leadership Academy Program is prepared as an outreach activity of Sunnong Culture Forum for the international students studying in Korea.

Korea has often been mentioned as a unique country in the world after the 2nd World War to have successfully transformed itself from an aid recipient to a donor with rapid and remarkable economic development.

Leadership Academy Program is designed not only to share Korea's development experience but also to address several challenging issues faced by developing countries in their common path to national development.

I am sure that diverse background and experience of the participants will make the Program more exciting and informative by providing different perspectives.

It is my sincere wish that the Leadership Academy Program will also serve as an open forum to promote goodwill and friendship among all the participating students.

May I express my best wishes to the success and continuous development of the Leadership Academy.

Thank you.